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I’ve added a middle name by deed poll, so my forenames are now Sharon Frederick, to reflect my mixture of gender better. (Last name stays the same.) I am transgender: my gender doesn’t match the ‘girl’/’woman’ label that society has assigned to me; I’ve been through transitions in my understanding and expression of my own gender and am continuing to transition. My gender identity is non-binary: I fit somewhere between “man” and “woman”, sort of both and sort of neither. I chose Frederick because I used the nickname Fred for a while when I was at school, so it’s a name some people already know for me and a name my mum used for me. You can keep calling me Sharon, or Fred, or initials, or any combination you like. [Update: Please call me Fred!] Pronouns: I prefer “they”/”them”.

If you have any questions, that’s fine, and if you don’t, that’s fine too.